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Special Publication Number 7

Water-Rock Interactions, Ore Deposits, and Environmental Geochemistry

A tribute to David A. Crerar

(c) 2002 by The Geochemical Society, Edited by R. Hellmann, and S.A. Wood [ISBN 0-941809-06-4]


Table of Contents

Part A. Water-Rock Interactions and Fluid-Mineral Interfaces

  • Organic Ligands and feldspar dissolution - Ullman, W.J. and Welch, S.A.
  • Chemical weathering of the Panola granite: Solute and regolith elemental fluxes and the weathering rate of biotite - White, A.F. et al.
  • Nonsteady-state dissolution of goethite and hematite in response to pH jumps: the role of adsorbed Fe(III) - Samson, S.D. and Eggleston, C.M.
  • Corrosion forms and twinning in zeolite ZSM-5 crystals - Chang, C.D. et al.
  • Topography of polished plates of albite crystal and glass during dissolution - Mellot, N.P. et al.
  • Linking molecular-scale barite precipitation mechanisms with macroscopic crystal growth rates - Bosbach, D.
  • Probing molecular-scale adsorption and dissolution-growth processes using nonlinear optical and scanning probe methods suitable for hydrothermal applications - Higgins, S.R. et al.
  • Experimental pressure solution compaction of chalk in aqueous solutions Part 1. Deformation behavior and chemistry - Hellman, R. et al.
  • Experimental pressure solution compaction of chalk in aqueous solutions Part 2. Deformation examined by SEM, porosimetry, synthetic permeability, and X-ray computerized tomography - Hellmann, R. et al.

Part B. Thermodynamics, Hydrothermal Geochemistry, and Ore Deposits

  • Stable and metastable equilibrium: The third constraint - Anderson, G.M.
  • Complexation of the rare earth elements with aqueous chloride at 200°C and 300°C and saturated water vapor pressure - Gammons, C.H. et al.
  • The aqueous geochemistry of the rare earth elements and yttrium. Part X. Potentiometric determination of stability constants of acetate complexes of La3+, Nd3+, Gd3+ and Yb3+ at 25-70°C and 1 bar - Ding, R. and Wood, S.A.
  • The aqueous geochemistry of the rare earth elements and yttrium. Part XI. The solubility of Nd(OH)3 and hydrolysis of Nd3+ from 30 to 290°C at saturated water vapor pressure with in-situ pHm measurement - Wood, S.A. et al.
  • Experimental calibration of metastable plagioclase-epidote-fluid equilibria at elevated temperatures and pressures: applications to the chemistry of hydrothermal fluids at mid-ocean ridges - Seyfried, W.E. et al.
  • Vapor-transport of ore metals - Williams-Jones, A.E. et al.
  • Volatile trace element transport in high-temperature gasses from Kudriavy volcano (Iturup, Kurile Islands, Russia) - Wahrenberger, C. et al.
  • A fluid-inclusion study of the drusy quartz of the Potosi Dolostone, Southeast Missouri - MacMurray, B.A. and Anderson, G.M.

Part C. Environmental Geochemistry

  • Microbial acquisition of nutrients from mineral surfaces - Tadanier, C.J. et al.
  • The effects of ternary surface complexes on the adsorption of metal cations and organic acids onto mineral surfaces - Fein, J.B.
  • The dynamics of arsenic in saturated porous media: fate and transport modeling for deep aquatic sediments, wetland sediments, and groundwater environments - Jaffé, P.R. et al.
  • Primary drainage of NAPL governed by time-dependent interfacial properties, Tuck, D.M.
  • In situ speciation of uranium (VI) at the silica-water interface: A combined TRLIFS and surface complexation study - Gabriel, U. et al.
  • Ecosystem dynamics of zinc and manganese within a mine-waste impacted wetland - Hansel, C.M. et al.