Strategic Plan

The Geochemical Society adopted this strategic plan in 2020 to guide our efforts over the next 3-5 years. It will be reviewed regularly and updated as we make progress toward the goals.

Goal 1: Engagement

Create a stronger connection of members to the society beyond Goldschmidt & GCA

Supporting Strategies

  • Create one new membership engagement initiative each year
  • Develop a year-round engagement strategy to include technology, editorial, and content
  • Formalize best practices for progressing through the society leadership positions
  • Improve volunteer engagement and opportunities by defining the volunteer pathway and enhancing current opportunities
  • Improve overall engagement of members at all stages of members' careers
  • Improve our engagement and awareness within and of developing countries

Goal 2: Identity

Ensure our members have a clear understanding (and connection) to our society and all that it offers

Supporting Strategies

  • Create a communication strategy that informs our membership of our programs, benefits (tangible/intangible) and our connection to GCA and Goldschmidt
  • Improve awareness of the society by creating identifiable value propositions
  • Identify and articulate our unique contributions to the scientific community

Goal 3: Stewardship

Ensure the Geochemical Society identifies and promotes best practices for professional conduct; where human values and professional excellence co-exist

Supporting Strategies

  • Promote understanding of our core values across our diverse membership
  • Remove barriers to participation of under-represented groups at the Goldschmidt Conference
  • Nurture future geochemists
  • Ensure relevancy by identifying future trends within our membership

Goal 4: Foundation

Strengthen our society's capacity to evolve with the needs of our membership

Supporting Strategies

  • Explore the development of a business continuity plan across multiple sectors
  • Create diversified revenue streams
  • Evaluate current business model to determine our ability to grow while continuing to support the future with Goldschmidt
  • Develop a process by which new initiatives can be evaluated and implemented when necessary
  • Expand an infrastructure that enables a year-round, connected community