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Elements: Boron: Light and Lively

September 01, 2017

Boron is an essential constituent of nearly 300 minerals in the Earth's crust and mantle. It provides a unique indicator for deciphering Earth's 4.6 billion-year evolution from a molten mass in the proto Solar System into a vibrant planet that sustains life. Boron allows scientists to peer into the complex dynamics of subduction zones, to trace paleoclimatic conditions and atmospheric CO2, and to understand how the essential building blocks of life (e.g. RNA) could form in the hostile environments of the early Earth. But, boron isn't just valuable for scientific pursuits, it also finds practical applications in glass and ceramics, detergents, fertilizers, and nuclear reactors among others. The articles in this issue provide a fascinating glimpse into the many and varied roles played by this light but important element.

Current Geochemical Society members can access this issue now via the Elements online archive using your email address (UserID) and member number (Password).

Author: Kevin Johnson
Category: GNews