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Crossword - Polarized Light Microscopy

Your friends at Geochemical News have created a microscopy-themed crossword.
Click the link to download the file:
GN140_Crossword_PLM.pdf [127KB PDF]

Need to check your answers? Here is the key:
GN140_Crossword_PLM-Key.pdf [315KB PDF]

Crossword puzzle references:
Phillips Revell Wm., 1971, Mineral optics. Freeman, San Francisco. 249 pp.
Wood, Elizabeth A., 1977, Crystals and Light. Dover, New York. 156 pp.

Crossword puzzle freeware:
EclipseCrossword 1.2.57. © 2000-2007 Green Eclipse. You may freely distribute crossword puzzles made with this software. www.eclipsesoftware.com