Geochemical News Editors

Weekly editorship of Geochemical News is managed by a volunteer team of four appointed editors serving two-year terms. The GS president also serves as a member of the editorial committee.

TermNameInstitution, Country, Interest
01/2023 - 12/2024 Michelle Kelvin Queen's University
01/2023 - 12/2024 Jagannath Biswakarma

University of Bristol

01/2022 - 12/2023 Valerio Funari Institute of Marine Sciences - National Research Council ISMAR-CNR, Italy
01/2022 - 12/2023 Brian Haley Oregon State University, USA
President Sumit Chakraborty Ruhr Universit├Ąt at Bochum, Germany
Staff Mattie Burris GS Business Office, Washington, DC, USA