Organic Geochemistry Division Awards

Alfred Treibs Award

Presented annually by the Organic Geochemistry Division for major achievements, over a period of years, in organic geochemistry.

John Hayes Award

Presented annually to a mid-career scientist for outstanding accomplishments that draw together multiple fields of investigation to advance biogeochemical science.

Best Paper Award

Awarded annually by the Organic Geochemistry Division to the authors of a paper published in the previous year with significant contributions to organic geochemistry.



Who may nominate

With few exceptions, anyone (regardless of Society membership) may may make an award nomination. The current Board of Directors and the current selection committee of the award in question may not make nominations nor provide supporting letters for nominations. Additionally, the OGD Executive Committee may not nominate nor provide supporting letters for the Hayes, Treibs or OGD Best Paper Awards. All, however, may encourage others to make nominations.

Who may be nominated

With few exceptions, anyone may be nominated for a qualifying award. Award selection is not judged with regard to citizenship nor membership in the Geochemical Society. 
These groups may not be nominated: