Program Committee

The Program Committee serves as the liaison between GS and other geochemistry-oriented sections of other organizations; receives and evaluates Meeting Assistance Program proposals; and reviews applications for the annual Ingerson Lecture. Committee members are appointed by the Vice-President and approved by the Board to serve rotating three-year terms.

Title / TermNameInstitution, Research Field
07/2018 - 06/2021
MSA Liaison
Barb Dutrow Louisiana State University, USA
metamorphic petrology and fluid flow
07/2018 - 06/2021
GSA-MGVP Liaison
Frank Ramos New Mexico State University, USA
high temperature geochemistry and volcanology
07/2019 - 06/2022
GSJ Liaison
Hirochika Sumino The University of Tokyo, Japan
cosmochemistry, noble gases

07/2019 - 06/2022
AGU Liaison

Christy Till Arizona State University, USA
volcanology, high-T geochemistry

07/2020 - 06/2023
EGU-GMVP Liaison

Jörg Hermann Universität Bern, Germany

07/2020 - 06/2023
IAGC Liaison

Elisabeth Widom Miami University - Ohio, USA