V.M. Goldschmidt Award Committee

The V.M. Goldschmidt Medal is awarded annually for major achievements in geochemistry or cosmochemistry. The EAG Urey Chair is an ex-officio voting member.

Title / TermNameInstitution, Country, research field

07/2022 - 06/2025

Daniel Stolper University of California Berkeley, USA
07/2021 - 06/2024 Wendy Bohrson Colorado School of Mines, USA
07/2021 - 06/2024 Ann Pearson Harvard University, USA
07/2022 - 06/2025 Debajyoti Paul IIT Kanpur, India
07/2023 - 06/2026 Jacinta Enzweiller Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
07/2023 - 06/2026 Abass Gibrilla Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
Urey Chair Daniel Frost University of Bayreuth, Germany