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C.C. Patterson Award

The Clair C. Patterson Award, recognizing an innovative breakthrough of fundamental significance in environmental geochemistry, particularly in service of society, consisting of either a single outstanding contribution or a short series of papers published within the last decade, will normally be made annually at the V.M. Goldschmidt Conference.

Go to Make a Nomination for eligibility and nomination requirments.

YearMedalistCitationistPublished Speech
2018 Sigurður Reynir Gíslason    
2017 Kai-Uwe Hinrichs Fumio Inagaki  
2016 William Casey Tom Swaddle GCA v. 201 pp. 430-433
2015 Karen H. Johannesson Berry Lyons GCA v. 172 pp. 463-464
2014 Christopher Reddy .. ..
2013 Joel Blum Yigal Erel Citation | Acceptance
2012 Stefan Schouten Rich Pancost ..
2011 Jeffrey P. Severinghaus Boaz Luz ..
2010 Robert F. Anderson Jerry McManus ..
2009 Boaz Luz Yehoshua Kolodny GCA v.89 pp.339-342
2008 William Sunda Brad Tebo GCA v.73/13S pp.S10-S12
2007 Gordon E. Brown, Jr. George Helz GCA v.72/12S pp.S9-S11
2006 Fred T. MacKenzie John Morse GCA v.71/15S pp.S14-S18
2005 Kenneth Bruland Margaret Delaney ..
2004 George W. Luther, III David Rickard GCA v.70/18S pp.S13-S15
2003 William F. Fitzgerald W. Berry Lyons GCA v.68/9 pp.1959-1962
2002 Henry Elderfield Alex N. Halliday GCA v.67/13 pp.2309-2311
2001 Francois M.M. Morel Dianne K. Newman GCA v.66/4 pp.553-555
2000 Edward A. Boyle Henry Elderfield GCA v.65/6 pp.1007-1010
1999 R. Lawrence Edwards G.J. Wasserburg GCA v.64/4 pp.755-761
1998 Michael L. Bender .. ..