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GS Announces 2011 F.W. Clarke Medalist

Contact: Seth Davis, seth.davis@geochemsoc.org

Saint Louis, MO - Dr. Rajdeep Dasgupta of Rice University, Houston, Texas, has been named the 2011 recipient of the F.W. Clarke Award. The award will be presented at the Goldschmidt2011 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Dr. Dasgupta is a 2006 Ph.D. graduate from the University of Minnesota where he studied under the guidance of Marc Hirschmann. Between September 2006 and June 2008, he held a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Obeservatory, where he collaborated with David Walker. Since July 2008 Dr. Dasgupta has been an Assistant Professor at the Department of Earth Science of Rice University.

Dr. Dasgupta is being recognized for his contributions on the topic of volatile-rich lithologies in planetary interiors, specifically the nature, cause and extent of melting in Earth's mantle, and the capacity of the deep mantle and core to store carbon.

The F.W. Clarke Award recognizes an early-career scientist for a single outstanding contribution to geochemistry or cosmochemistry, published either as a single paper or a series of papers on a single topic. The award consists of an engraved medal, a certificate, and a US $750 honorarium.

The 2011 F.W. Clarke selection committee was chaired by Julie Bryce and included Sung Hi Choi, Patricia Dove, Jiwchar Ganor, Sue Golding, Becky Lange and EAG's Houtermanns Chair Bernard Bourdon.

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