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F. Earl Ingerson Lecture

The F. Earl Ingerson Lecture Series honors the Geochemical Society's first president. The recipient is selected annually by the GS Board of Directors, from a list of nominees provided by the Program Committee including suggestions from the community.

The 2018 Ingerson Lecture will be presented at the Goldschmidt Conference in Boston (August 12-17). The honoree will receive waived abstract and registration fees for the conference.

The GS is currently seeking nominations from the global geochemical community for the 2018 lecture. Nominations are open for any topic within geochemistry with broad appeal to Goldschmidt attendees.

Nomination requirements: Please send the full name and contact details for the nominee and nominator, a short CV for the nominee, and a letter of support from the nominator explaining the rationale for the nomination to: awards@geochemsoc.org.

Nominations deadline: January 15, 2018

Past Ingerson Lectures

Title links go to the lecture's abstract.

2017 Karim Benzerara Cyanobacterial Intracellular Carbonatogenesis: Phylogenetic Distribution, Mechanisms and Environmental Implications
2016 Tim Lyons A decade of progress in studies of trace metals in the early oceans
2015 Gregory J. Retallack Archean (3.35 GA) Life on Land in Western Australia
2014 Robert M. Hazen Chance and necessity in the mineral evolution of terrestrial planets (PDF)
2013 Rebecca Lange The origin of highly evolved, voluminous rhyolites by progressive, multiple episodes of partial melting: The resolution of some paradoxes (PDF)
2012 Isabel Montanez Modern soil system constraints on reconstructing deep-time atmospheric CO2: A new view of phanerozoic PCO2 (PDF)
2011 Not awarded  
2010 Patricia Dove Deciphering carbonates through the lens of multiple pathways to mineral formation
2009 W. Berry Lyons Riverine Geochemistry and Chemical Weathering and Carbon Fluxes Across Panama
2008 John Morse Nanoscale Insights into the Mechanisms Responsible for the Strange Kinetic and Solubility Behavior of Aragonite in Seawater
2007 Terry Plank Squeezing Water from a Stone (Water in Arc Magmas)
2006 Robert Aller Tropical deltaic systems as unsteady diagenetic reactors, global C incinerators, and reverse weathering centers
2005 Adina Paytan A New Look Into the Marine Phosphorus Cycle
2004 Roberta L. Rudnick Geochemical Probing of Continental Dynamics
2003 Emily M. Klein Geochemical Variability of Ocean Ridge Basalts and Constraints on Mantle and Crust Melt Distribution
2002 Susan L. Brantley Eating and Breathing at the Water-Rock Interface
2001 Miriam Kastner Methane Hydrates Characterization and Role in Past and Future Climate Change
2000 Lynn M. Walter Carbon Cycling in Earth's Surface Reservoirs; Perspectives from Field Scale Studies
1999 David Walker Core Participation in Mantle Geochemistry
1998 Susan W. Kieffer Geochemical Dependence of Physical Processes During the Impact at Chicxulub Yucatan
1997 Akimasa Masuda Progress Expected in REE Geochemistry
1996 Edward M. Stolper Adiabatic Melting of the Mantle
1994 John Hayes Process-oriented biogeochemical reconstructions made possible by molecular-isotopic studies
1992 H.C. Helgeson Organobiohydrothermal geochemistry: What is it, who needs it, and why?
1990 R.K. O'Nions Fluids in the formation and evolution of the continental crust
1988 A.E. Ringwood