C.C. Patterson Award

Clair Cameron Patterson

C.C. Patterson developed the uranium-lead dating method. Using lead and uranium isotopic data from the Canyon Diablo meteorite, he calculated an age for the Earth of 4.55 billion years. A figure far more accurate than those that existed at the time and one that has remained unchanged for over 50 years.

Photo: from Clair's 1980 Goldschmidt Medal acceptance speech, published in GCA v.45/8 p.

The Clair C. Patterson Award is presented annually. The award consists of an engraved silver medal, an honorarium (US$ 750), a certificate, and inclusion as a Geochemistry Fellow.

The Clair C. Patterson Award is presented annually for an innovative breakthrough in environmental geochemistry of fundamental significance within the last decade, particularly in service to society. To be viewed as innovative, the work must show a high degree of creativity and/or be a fundamental departure from usual practice while contributing significantly to understanding in environmental geochemistry.

Nominations of people from underrepresented groups are encouraged (e.g., women, non-white researchers and/or researchers from Asia, Africa and Latin America, disabled scientists, those who have led diversified careers, other historically minoritized groups, and intersections thereof).

An individual may not receive the Patterson Award, Clarke Award, and/or the European Association of Geochemistry's Houtermans Award for the same body of work.

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YearMedalistCitationistPublished Speech
2024 Satoshi Utsunomiya    
2023 Myrna J. Simpson    
2022 Xiangdong Li David L. Sedlak Citation | Acceptance
2021 Michael Hochella Gordon E. Brown, Jr. Citation | Acceptance
2020 Naohiro Yoshida Mark Thiemens Citation
2019 Barbara Sherwood Lollar James Farquhar Citation | Acceptance
2018 Sigurður Reynir Gíslason Eric H. Oelkers GCA v. 246 pp. 585-593
2017 Kai-Uwe Hinrichs Fumio Inagaki  
2016 William Casey Tom Swaddle GCA v. 201 pp. 430-433
2015 Karen H. Johannesson Berry Lyons GCA v. 172 pp. 463-464
2014 Christopher Reddy Timothy Eglinton GCA v. 172 pp. 458-460
2013 Joel Blum Yigal Erel Citation | Acceptance
2012 Stefan Schouten Rich Pancost ..
2011 Jeffrey P. Severinghaus Boaz Luz ..
2010 Robert F. Anderson Jerry McManus ..
2009 Boaz Luz Yehoshua Kolodny GCA v.89 pp.339-342
2008 William Sunda Brad Tebo GCA v.73/13S pp.S10-S12
2007 Gordon E. Brown, Jr. George Helz GCA v.72/12S pp.S9-S11
2006 Fred T. MacKenzie John Morse GCA v.71/15S pp.S14-S18
2005 Kenneth Bruland Margaret Delaney ..
2004 George W. Luther, III David Rickard GCA v.70/18S pp.S13-S15
2003 William F. Fitzgerald W. Berry Lyons GCA v.68/9 pp.1959-1962
2002 Henry Elderfield Alex N. Halliday GCA v.67/13 pp.2309-2311
2001 Francois M.M. Morel Dianne K. Newman GCA v.66/4 pp.553-555
2000 Edward A. Boyle Henry Elderfield GCA v.65/6 pp.1007-1010
1999 R. Lawrence Edwards G.J. Wasserburg GCA v.64/4 pp.755-761
1998 Michael L. Bender .. ..