Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award will be presented on an irregular basis at the discretion of the GS Board of Directors. The award recognizes outstanding service to the Geochemical Society and/or the geochemical community that greatly exceeds the normal expectations of voluntary service. The award does not have to be given each year. The society presents a plaque and honorarium to the recipient.

YearRecipientCitationistPublished Speech
2019 Marc Norman    
2015 Seth Davis    
2014 Carla Koretsky    
2013 Kerstin Lehnert, Klaus Peter Jochum, Baerbel Sarbas, and J. Douglas Walker    
2009 Frank A. Podosek    
2007 Michael F. Hochella, Jr. Scott A. Wood GCA v.73/13S pp.S5-6
2005 Guenter Faure W.Berry Lyons & A.E. Carey GCA v.71/15S pp.S30-32
2004 Claude J. Allègre Albrecht W. Hofmann GCA v.70/18S pp.S19-21
2003 Hubert L. Barnes Katherine H. Freeman GCA v.68/9 pp.1927-9
2002 Denis M. Shaw Michael J. Drake GCA v67/13 pp.2317-9