Alfred Treibs Award

Alfred Treibs

Alfred Treibs mentored 32 students and published about 140 papers. His legacy consists of his classic papers on porphyrins as the starting point of Organic Geochemistry, the current Treibs Award of the Geochemical Society and his broad chemical knowledge and modesty in intereacting with us fellow scientists.

-B.R.T Simoneit

The Alfred Treibs Award is presented annually.

The award consists of an engraved silver medal, an honorarium (US$ 1,500), a certificate, and inclusion as a Geochemistry Fellow.

Presented by the Geochemical Society's Organic Geochemistry Division, the Alfred Treibs Award is given for major achievements, over a period of years, in organic geochemistry. Such achievements shall consist of pioneering and innovative investigations which have made highly significant contributions to the understanding of the origin and fate of organic materials in the geosphere and/or in extraterrestrial environments.

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YearMedalistCitationistConferencePublished Speech
2024 Timothy Eglinton      
2023 Shucheng Xie
Thomas Algeo Goldschmidt 2023  GCA v. 361 pp. 305
2021 Stuart G. Wakeham      
2020 Kai-Uwe Hin­richs      
2019 Sylvie Derenne Patrick Hatcher 2019 IMOG GCA v. 272 pp. 293-296
2018 Stefan Schouten   2018 GRC  
2017 Katherine H. Freeman Roger E. Summons 2017 IMOG GCA v. 225 pp. 232-234
2016 Patrick G. Hatcher Thomas Bianchi 2016 GRC GCA v.201 pp.436-437
2014 Stephen R. Larter Timothy Eglinton 2014 GRC / Gold2015  
2013 Marilyn L. Fogel Susan Lang 2013 IMOG ..
2012 David Des Marais Katherine Freeman 2012 GRC ..
2011 J. Michael Moldowan Jeremy Dahl 2011 IMOG ..
2010 John Volkman Jan de Leeuw 2011 IMOG GCA v.89 pp.329-333
2009 Kenneth E. Peters Leslie B. Magoon 2009 IMOG GCA v.89 pp.322-325
2008 Martin Schoell .. 2009 IMOG GCA v.89 pp.319-321
2007 Walter Michaelis Mark McCaffrey   ..
2006 Bernd Rolf Tatsuo Simoneit J. Grimalt   GCA v.72/12S pp. S1-S5
2005 Jaap S. Sinninghe Damste M. Whiticar & J. De Leeuw   GCA v.71/15S pp.S8-S13
2004 Erik M. Galimov Martin Schoell   GCA v.70/18S pp.S11-S12
2003 Roger E. Summons John M. Hayes   GCA v.70/18S pp.S6-S10
2002 Archie Douglas James R. Maxwell   GCA v.67/13 pp.2305-2308
2001 John W. Smith Issac (Ian) Kaplan   GCA v.66/4 pp.545-548
2000 John I. Hedges Ronald Benner   GCA v.65/6 pp.999-1002
1999 (no award given)
1998 (no award given)
1997 John M. Hayes David J. Des Marais   GCA v.64/4 pp.747-750
1996 Patrick L. Parker Richard S. Scalan   GCA v.61/8 pp.1773-1775
1995 Keith A. Kvenvolden Phil A. Meyers   GCA v.60/10 pp.1837-1841
1994 (no award given)
1993 Isaac (Ian) R. Kaplan J. William Schopf   GCA v.58/8 pp.1991-1994
1992 (no award given)
1991 Jan W. de Leeuw Simon C. Brassell   v.56/5 pp.1781-1783
1990 (no award given)
1989 James R. Maxwell Simon C. Brassell   GCA v54/4 pp.1207-1210
1988 (no award given)
1987 T.C. Hoering Katherine Freeman   ..
1986 (no award given)
1985 Pierre Albrecht Robert B. Gagosian   GCA v.50/6 pp.1313-1315
1984 Wolfgang K. Seifert J. Michael Moldowan   GCA v.49/7 pp.1671-1673
1983 Dietrich H. Welte Detlev Leythaeuser   GCA v.48/6 pp.1383-1385
1982 John M. Hunt Earl W. Baker   GCA v.47/5 pp.986-988
1981 Geoffrey Eglinton James R. Maxwell   GCA v.46/6 pp.1137-1140
1980 Bernard Tissot Gerard Demaison   GCA v.45/8 pp.1392-1397
1979 G.T. (Ted) Philippi Archie Hood   GCA v.44/8 pp.1240-1244