Special Publication Series now open access

October 16, 2014

The first seven volumes of the Geochemical Society’s Special Publications Series are now available in PDF for free on our website.

Vol. 1 – Magmatic Processes (Tribute to H.S. Yoder)

Vol. 2 – Fluid-Mineral Interactions (Tribute to H.P. Eugster)

Vol. 3 – Stable Isotope Geochemistry (Tribute to Samuel Epstein)

Vol. 4 – Victor Moritz Goldschmidt: Father of Modern Geochemistry

Vol. 5 – Mineral Spectroscopy (Tribute to R.G. Burns)

Vol. 6 – Mantle Petrology (Tribute to F.R. Boyd)

Vol. 7 – Water-Rock Interactions (Tribute to D.A. Crerar)


A limited number of the hardcover editions are still available for purchase.