2017 GS-EAG Outreach


Prof. Axel Hofmann presented a short course on Early Earth Life and Mineral Systems

The short course on Early Earth Life and Mineral Systems explored the relationship between surface processes, evolution and habitat of life and the formation of mineral deposits on the early Earth. It investigated the geochemical, mineralogical, environmental and biological evolution of the Earth's surface and immediate subsurface from its volcano-sedimentary record 4.0 to 2.0 billion-years-old. The course focused on the impacts of the evolution of life on surface processes, geochemical cycles and the formation of sediment-hosted mineral deposits using modern geochemical concepts and techniques. Read more


Locations and topics of the lectures/seminars presented:

26-28 April University of Ghana Ghana
6-8 November Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria
13-15 November University of Ibadan Nigeria
16-18 November University of Lagos Nigeria
5-8 December University of Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania


Axel Hofmann, students and professors at the University of Ghana