Special Publication Number 8

Volcanic, Geothermal, and Ore-Forming Fluids: Rulers and Witnesses of Processes within the Earths

A volume in honor of Werner F. Giggenbach

(c) 2003 by The Geochemical Society, Edited by S.F Simmons and I. Graham [ISBN 1-887483-90-X]

Table of Contents

Stuart F. Simmons and Ian Graham

Jeffrey W. Hedenquist and Stuart F. Simmons

Published Papers by Werner F. Giggenbach

Erebus—Almost (Reprint)
Werner F. Giggenbach

Chapter 1 - SEG Distinguished Lecture: Magma Degassing and Mineral Deposition in Hydrothermal Systems along Convergent Plate Boundaries (Reprint)
Werner F. Giggenbach

Chapter 2 - Formation of Acid Volcanic Brines through Interation of Magmatic Gases, Seawater, and Rock within the White Island Volcanic-Hydrothermal System, New Zealand
Werner F. Giggenbach, Hiroshi Shinohara, Minoru Kusakabe, and Takeshi Ohba

Chapter 3 - Melt Inclusion Study of the Embryonic Porphyry Copper System at White Island, New Zealand
M.H. Rapien, R.J. Bodnar, S.F. Simmons, C.S. Szabo, C.P. Wood, and S.R. Sutton

Chapter 4 - Geochemistry of Light Hydrocarbons in Subduction-Related Volcanic and Hydrothermal Fluids
Yuri A. Taran and Werner F. Giggenbach

Chapter 5 - Helium Isotope Ratios and Geochemistry of Volcanic Fluids from the Norikura Volcanic Chain, Central Japan: Implications for Crustal Structures and Seismicity
Minoru Kusakabe, Michiko Ohwada, Hiroshi Satake, Keisuke Nagao, and Ichiro Kawasaki

Chapter 6 - Submarine Hydrothermal Venting Related to Volcanic Arcs
Cornel E. J. de Ronde, Gary J. Massoth, Edward T. Baker, and John E. Lupton

Chapter 7 - Potential Reaction Pathways of Hg in Some New Zealand Hydrothermal Environments
B.W. Christenson and E.K. Mroczek

Chapter 8 - The Geochemistry of Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium in Geothermal Waters
Scott A. Wood

Chapter 9 - Origin of Iodine and 129I in Volcanic and Geothermal Fluids from the North Island of New Zealand: Implications for Subduction Zone Processes
Udo Fehn and Glen T. Snyder

Chapter 10 - Lithium Isotope Geochemistry of the Yellowstone Hydrothermal System
Neil C. Sturchio and Lui-Heung Chan

Chapter 11 - The Origins of Reservoir Liquids and Vapors from The Geysers Geothermal Field, California
Jacob B. Lowenstern and Cathy J. Janik

Chapter 12 - Fluid-Rock Interaction at the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Interface of the Mount Cagua Geothermal System, Philippines
Agnes G. Reyes, Rodney Grapes, and Vicente C. Clemente

Chapter 13 - Spatial and Temporal Relationships between Hydrothermal Alternation Assemblages at the Palinpinon Geothermal Field, Philippines—Implications for Porphyry and Epithermal Ore Deposits
Andrew J. Rae, David R. Cooke, David Phillips, Chris Yeats, Chris Ryan, and Danilo Hermoso

Chapter 14 - Geology, Mineralization, and Hydrothermal Evolution of the Ladolam Gold Deposit, Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea
Graham D. Carman

Chapter 15 - Sulfidation State of Fluids in Active and Extinct Hydrothermal Systems: Transitions from Porphyry to Epithermal Environments
Marco T. Einaudi, Jeffrey W. Hedenquist, and E. Esra Inan

Chapter 16 - Linkages between Volcanotectonic Settings, Ore-Fluid Compositions, and Epithermal Precious Metal Deposits
Richard H. Sillitoe and Jeffrey W. Hedenquist