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Geochemical Investigations in Earth and Space Science

A Tribute to Isaac R. Kaplan

(c) 2004 by Elsevier B.V., Edited by Ronald J. Hill, Joel Leventhal, Zeev Aizenshtat, Mary Jo Baedecker, George Claypool, Robert Eganhouse, Marting Goldhaber and Kenneth Peters [ISBN 978-0-444-51647-3]

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Ronald Hill, Joel Leventhal, Zeev Aizenshtat, Mary Jo Baedecker, George Claypool, Robert Eganhouse, Martin Goldhaber, Kenneth Peters

A tribute to Isaac R. Kaplan: Scientist, mentor and friend
Ronald Hill, Joel Leventhal, Zeev Aizenshtat, Mary Jo Baedecker, George Claypool, Robert Eganhouse, Martin Goldhaber, Kenneth Peters

Boron isotopes in DSDP cherts: Fractionation and diagenesis
Yehoshua Kolodny, Marc Chaussidon

Significance of δ34S and evaluation of its imprint on sedimentary sulfur rich organic matter II: Thermal changes of kerogens type II-S catagenetic stage controlled mechanisms. A study and conceptual overview
Zeev Aizenshtat, Alon Amrani

The distribution and isotopic composition of sulfur in solid bitumens from Papua New Guinea
M. Ahmed, S.A. Barclay, S.C. George, B. McDonald, J.W. Smith

Ventilation of marine sediments indicated by depth profiles of pore water sulfate and δ34S
George E. Claypool

Factors controlling the carbon isotopic composition of methane and carbon dioxide in New Zealand geothermal and natural gases
John R. Hulston

Insights on the origin of pristane and phytane in sediments and oils from laboratory heating experiments
Ryoshi Ishiwatari, Mariko Ishiwatari

Light-element geochemistry of the lunar surface
John F. Kerridge

Stable and radiocarbon isotopes and carbon cycling in coastal sediments
M.I. Venkatesan, I.R. Kaplan, J. Southon

Holocene chronostratigraphic beachrocks and their geologic climatic significance
Gerald M. Friedman

Molecular markers and their use in environmental organic geochemistry
Robert P. Eganhouse

The geochemical and magnetic record of coal-combustion products in West Virginia reservoir sediments and soils
Martin Goldhaber, Ted Callender, Richard Reynolds

Projections of fossil fuel use and future atmospheric CO2 concentrations
Paul R. Doose

Geochemistry of coastal tarballs in southern California—A tribute to I. R. Kaplan
Keith A. Kvenvolden, Frances D. Hostettler

Behavior of oxy-anions of As, Se, and Mo in full-scale wastewater treatment plants
Jerome O. Nriagu, Shin Joh Kang, James R. Murin, Xia-Qin Wang

An evaluation of hydroxyl radical formation in river water and the potential for photodegradation of bisphenol A
Nobutake Nakatani, Norichika Hashimoto, Hiroshi Sakugawa

Organic and inorganic compositions of marine aerosols from East Asia: Seasonal variations of water-soluble dicarboxylic acids, major ions, total carbon and nitrogen, and stable C and N isotopic composition
Kimitaka Kawamura, Minoru Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Tsubonuma, Michihiro Mochida, Tomomi Watanabe, Meehye Lee

Trace elements in Gulf of Mexico oysters, 1986–1999
Bobby Joe Presley, Gary A. Wolff, Robert J. Taylor, Paul N. Boothe

Geochemical differentiation of Silurian from Devonian crude oils in eastern Algeria
Kenneth E. Peters, Steve Creaney

C4-benzene and C4-naphthalene thermal maturity indicators for pyrolysates, oils and condensates
Ronald J. Hill, Shan-tan Lu, Yongchun Tang, Mitchell Henry, Isaac R. Kaplan

Thermal alteration of Cretaceous black shale from the Eastern Atlantic. III: Laboratory simulations
Bernd R.T. Simoneit, K.E. Peters, B.G. Rohrback, S. Brenner, I.R. Kaplan

Vitrinite alteration rate as a function of temperature, time, starting material, aqueous fluid pressure and oxygen fugacity—Laboratory corroboration of prior work
W.G. Ernst, Rafael Ferreiro Mählmann

"...and the vale of Siddim was full of slime [= bitumen, asphalt?] pits" (Genesis, 14:10)
Arie Nissenbaum

Geochemical and submicron-scale morphologic analyses of individual Precambrian microorganisms
J. William Schopf

Origin and migration of methane in gas hydrate-bearing sediments in the Nankai Trough
Amane Waseda, Takashi Uchida

Seasonal methane emissions by diffusion and ebullition from oligohaline marsh environments in coastal Louisiana
Joel S. Leventhal, Glenn R. Guntenspergen

Organic geochemistry of lipids in marine sediments in the Canary Basin: Implications for origin and accumulation of organic matter
Sten Lindblom, Ulf Järnberg

Formation of Eastern Mediterranean sapropels—What can be learnt from Baltic Sea sapropels?
Rolf O. Hallberg

Carbon-sulfur-iron relationships in the rapidly accumulating marine sediments off southwestern Taiwan
Shuh-Ji Kao, Shih-Chieh Hsu, Chorng-Shern Horng, Kon-Kee Liu

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