Engaging Students as Partners in Higher Education

Engaging Students as Partners in Higher Education

Date: 11 November, 14:00-15:00 UTC

Organizer: Valentin Laurent (Imperial College London)

Student engagement (SE) is about what a student brings to higher education in terms of goals, aspirations and values and how these are shaped by their experience as student. As shapers of the educational context, educators need to foster educationally purposeful SE to enable students to learn in constructive and powerful ways. Four steps of SE can be defined, 1) consultation: students can express individual opinions and ideas, 2) involvement: students can take a more active role, 3) participation: students take an active role, 4) partnership: collaboration of staff and students, involving joint ownership and decision-making over both the process and outcome.

Engaging students and staff effectively as partners in learning and teaching is arguably one of the most important issues facing higher education in the 21st century. There are many different examples of students and staff working in partnership to co-create learning and teaching experiences. These initiatives include examples of students as co-researchers, students as change agents, students as consultants and students as co-creators of curricula. As a result, many academics seek practical support and advice for working in partnership with students.

This workshop is designed to provide guidance and strategies for academic staff wishing to initiate, sustain or extend student-staff partnerships. The aims of the workshop are threefold, i) explore the ways in which students act as partners in learning and teaching, ii) identify strategic and sustainable practices of engaging students as partners, iii) discuss the risks and challenges inherent to partnership and find suggestions for addressing them.

This workshop will be recorded.


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