Online Workshops

At this time, many of the normal opportunities for training and networking are not available. The Geochemical Society is offering several online workshops in the coming months to help fill this gap.

Recent Events

11 November
Engaging Students as Partners in Higher Education

20 November
Generating megapixel elemental images for biomedical and geological application using Vitesse TOF-ICP-MS

23-25 November
Thermodynamic Modeling of Magmatic Processes with alphaMELTS 2

2-3 December
PTt trajectory of metamorphic processes from a combination of pseudosection calculations, nucleation and growth simulations, and diffusion modelling using different approaches

8-9 December
An introduction to thermodynamic modeling of fluid-rock interaction and ore-forming processes using the GEMS code package

10 December
How to improve geochemical data quality. Proficiency testing in geochemistry?

18 December
Improving Workplace Climate: Responding to Harassment

Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry Short Course: Triple Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry