Online Workshops

At this time, many of the normal opportunities for training and networking are not available. The Geochemical Society is offering to support those in the community who might consider sharing their skills or giving their time to lead virtual events to help fill the gaps.

While never replicating all the benefits of an in-person event, a virtual event can be more accessible and efficient in terms of both time and money for participants. Because now, more than ever, everyone needs to be certain that the costs of travelling will be worthwhile, these events could provide a gateway to later in-person events for those who might otherwise be uncertain.

If you are planning on submitting a workshop proposal for the 2021 Goldschmidt Conference it may be that this program gives you the chance to start building momentum for that event.

Free places will be offered to selected participants working in low (and potentially lower-middle) economy countries.

What are the dates of the program?
We would welcome proposals for events on any dates between mid-October and December. Events will be listed and promoted as they are confirmed.

What type of events could be included?
Training workshops on technical advances and new methods, town-halls, panel discussions. Format is far less important than relevance. We would be particularly keen to build on the success of the Goldschmidt2020 – Theme 15 Geochemistry and Society events. Can you gather 5-6 exciting speakers from the community and it's periphery to discuss questions of global significance?

If you have a suitable event already planned please consider including it in the listing.

How can the society support you?
Administrative support: The GS can collect sign-ups and payments online and respond to queries.
Advertising: We can let all members know about the event and encourage sign up via emails, newsletters and social media posts.
Technical support: Organizers can use the society's GoToWebinar platform for the events, which will be set up and managed by the GS team. Training is offered.

We would welcome proposals from our commercial partners in the community. If you have ever sponsored or exhibited at the Goldschmidt Conference, please consider proposing a workshop or event.

How can we thank you?
We would like to offer free one-year GS membership to workshop leaders (up to three per event). This will give you all the benefits of membership including member registration discount at the Goldschmidt2021 meeting (Lyon, France).
All organisers will be sent e-certificates detailing their contribution to the program.

How do you apply?
Complete the proposal form with as much detail as is available. These will be reviewed and those accepted will be listed online and advertised in the GS Newsletter, via email to the membership and on the social media feeds. Please feel free to submit before the deadline-reviews will be started as soon as proposals are received.

All proposals should be sent to Jacquie Storey (program co-ordinator) at

Final deadline for proposals: October 5th 2020
Final reviews completed: October 10th 2020
Final bookings opened: October 15th 2020
Events: October 20th – Dec 23rd 2020