Improving Workplace Climate: Responding to Harassment

Improving Workplace Climate: Responding to Harassment

Date: 18 December, 1:00-4:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Organizers: ADVANCEGeo

This interactive session describes academic practices and institutional structures that allow for sexual harassment and other hostile behaviors to persist, discusses initiatives to address harassment as research misconduct, and provides training in personal intervention strategies to protect and support targets of harassment. As a result of this session, participants will be able to identify: (1) different ways in which sexual and other types of harassment can manifest in research environments; (2) strategies for bystander intervention, and (3) resources for cultural change in academic institutions and professional societies.

All participants will be provided with handouts that describe the bystander intervention strategies and links to resources related to the issues discussed. Participants will be asked to complete a short survey at the end of the workshop to provide feedback to the facilitators.


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