PTt trajectory of metamorphic processes

PTt trajectory of metamorphic processes from a combination of pseudosection calculations, nucleation and growth simulations, and diffusion modelling using different approaches

Dates: 2 Dec and 3 Dec, 14:00-20:00 Central European Time

Organsiers: Shah Wali Faryad (Charles University Prague), Fred Gaidies (Carleton University) and Sumit Chakraborty (Ruhr Universitaet Bochum)

Thermobarometric calculations are among the most demanding tasks in metamorphic petrology. These often use garnet as a refractory phase, the growth zoning of which preserves the effects of bulk rock chemistry and various reactions during pressure-temperature change. However, if the rock undergoes high temperature or long-term metamorphism, the zoning of garnet can be modified, and such modifications need to be accounted for. Further, such calculations provide important constraints on durations of metamorphism. The workshop is aimed toward understanding the methods and gaining skills in constraining P-T-t paths of metamorphic events based on pseudosection modelling combined with diffusion and nucleation and growth simulations. After an introduction to the basic principles, the workshop will be oriented toward practical examples using Perple-X in combination with MATLAB based CZGM (Compositional Zoning in Garnet and its Modification), and Theriak-Domino combined with diffusion and nucleation and growth modelling using the Theria_G software

MATLAB will be required by all participants.


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