Dr. Lui-Hueng Chan (1939-2007)

December 01, 2007

To our Geochemical Colleagues,

It is with great sadness that we report that Professor Lui-Hueng Chan passed away suddenly on November 14, 2007. Lui was the Charles Jones Professor of Geology & Geophysics at Louisiana State University. She arrived at LSU with her husband, Lai Chan, a professor of Physics and served on the faculty for over 30 years.

She was the consummate scholar. Her kind, unassuming manner would not belie the numerous contributions she made to the field of geochemistry. She was a pioneer not only in developing methods for Li isotope analyses but also for advancing women in science. She was the first woman to attain tenure in Geology at LSU. She was a thoughtful mentor, considerate colleague, and an inspirational mother. Both of their children followed closely in her footsteps; Emory becoming a PhD chemist and Clara a PhD geomicrobiologist and marine chemist. Lui was simply a lovely human being. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.
Thoughts and condolences can be sent to the family via her daughter, Dr. Clara Chan at cchan@whoi.edu.

Barb Dutrow
Adolphe G. Gueymard Professor
Dept. Geology & Geophysics
Louisiana State University

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