V.M. Goldschmidt Award

Victor Moritz Goldschmidt (1888-1947)

V.M. Goldschmidt was a chemist considered to be the founder of modern geochemistry and crystal chemistry and developer of the Goldschmidt Classification of elements.

Short biography

The V.M. Goldschmidt Award is presented annually at the Goldschmidt conference. The award consists of an engraved gold-plated bronze medal, an honorarium (US$ 1,500), a travel stipend, and inclusion as a Geochemistry Fellow.

The V. M. Goldschmidt Award is the society's highest honor, presented annually for major achievements in geochemistry over a career.

Major achievements may include:

  • a series of publications that represents outstanding contribution or an innovative breakthrough;
  • building new, extending / refurbishments, and/or technical improvements to infrastructure and techniques;
  • capacity building - especially in developing countries or emerging disciplines;
  • significant contributions to the community such as through meeting organization, building peer-networking groups, other positive initiatives, and tangible efforts that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • work with policy makers to ensure that their decisions are grounded in rigorous science;
  • teaching and training the next generation of geochemists;
  • curation of significant sample collections and databases of long-term scientific value;
  • communication of the intrinsic excitement of our field to the general public, where connecting with traditionally underrepresented or underserved people will be considered a plus;
  • exceptional editorial contributions.

Nominations of people from underrepresented groups are encouraged (e.g., women, non-white researchers and/or researchers from Asia, Africa and Latin America, disabled scientists, those who have led diversified careers, other historically minoritized groups, and intersections thereof).

An individual may not receive the Goldschmidt Award and the Urey Award of the EAG for the same body of work. Nominations from all fields of geochemistry are encouraged.

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