Geochemical News 138 | Jan 2009

In This Issue

Letter from the President (#138): Should we webcast from the Goldschmidt conference?
by Martin Goldhaber

New Feature: Geochemical Highlights (#138): What's new and exciting in the literature
by the GN Editorial Staff

Notice: Goldschmidt bloggers needed

Five Questions with Enriqueta Barrera: NSF Program Director's outlook on a range of topics
by Nick Wigginton

Bench-top micro-XRF - a useful apparatus for geochemists?
by Thilo Behrends and Pieter Kleingeld

D.N. Wadia and the Geology of the Himalaya
by Geoff Glasby

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep: Geochemistry for the Birds
by Angelina Souren