Elements: Weathering Across the Earth Sciences

July 29, 2019

Weathering processes play and integral role across a range of geoscience fields. Chemical weathering – the loss of mass by mineral dissolution and export – is key to understanding how Earth's skin functions. Weathering is the starting point for the biogeochemical cycles of most elements. It determines river and groundwater chemistry and provides nutrients to ecosystems. Weathering alters rock structure and susceptibility to erosion; soil and landscape evolution cannot be understood without considering the role of chemical weathering. Weathering of silicate rocks is a long-term sink for atmospheric CO2, and has been crucial in maintaining our planet's habitability over billions of years ... and may constitute a geoengineering strategy. This issue explores the linkages between them.

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Meet the Scientist: Nurgül Balci

July 24, 2019

Name: Nurgül BALCI
Title: Professor
Institution: Istanbul Technical University, Department of Geological Engineering, Ayazaga Campus
Place of Residence: Istanbul, Turkey


What kind of science do you do?
I am a geomicrobiologist dealing with microbe-mineral interactions in extreme environments (e.g acidic, hypersaline, hot springs) to understand evolution of life on Earth and other terrestrial planets in our Solar System. Also, I would like to understand geochemical conditions of the early Earth and how life started to flourish. By doing this kind of research I am hoping that one day as humans we will explore the other planets and find a backup place.

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Annual Members Meeting

June 27, 2019

The Geochemical Society will hold its annual membership meeting on Wednesday, August 21 in Barcelona, Spain during the 2019 Goldschmidt Conference. The meeting will take place in the VIP Room of the CCIB at 7:00pm CET. All society members are encouraged to attend. One topic of discussion will be the society's journal, GCA, and recent developments around open access publishing. A reception will follow the meeting.

Meet the Scientist: Aisha Al Suwaidi

June 19, 2019

Name: Aisha Al Suwaidi
Title: Associate Professor in Earth Sciences
Institution: Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Place of residence: Abu Dhabi, UAE


What kind of science do you do?
I try to understand how the carbon cycle has changed through the Mesozoic (occasionally I work on more recent things like the Paleocene-Eocene ~55 million years ago), but mostly I am very interested in understanding how long it takes the Earth to recover from carbon cycle perturbations, mass extinctions and anoxia in the oceans associated with large igneous province activity hundreds of millions of years ago.

Elements: South Aegean Volcanic Arc

June 13, 2019

The South Aegean volcanic arc lies at the intersection between Europe, Asia, and Africa, in the cradle of European civilization. Studies over the last decade have transformed our understanding of the arc: subduction architecture and back-arc geodynamics, genesis of the arc magmas, eruption chronology of the arc recorded in marine tephra archives, and hazards posed by eruptions and tsunamis. The volcanoes (e.g., Santorini) in this region have a long history of impacting on human civilization. The articles in this issue present a closer look at the igneous and tectonic processes and hazards that affect this region.

Current Geochemical Society members can access this issue now via the Elements website using your email address (UserID) and member number (Password).

Ann Pearson Named 2019 John Hayes Award Recipient

June 06, 2019

Ann Pearson, the Murray and Martha Ross Professor of Environmental Sciences at Harvard University (USA), will receive the second annual John Hayes Award from the GS. The award is given to a mid-career scientist for outstanding accomplishments that draw together multiple fields of investigation to advance biogeochemical science. It was created in 2017 by the Organic Geochemistry Division and a group of friends, colleagues, and students of John Hayes. Prof. Pearson will accept the award at the 2020 Gordon Research Conference on Organic Geochemistry.

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GS Offers New Capacity-building Grants

June 04, 2019

The GS is pleased to announce the launch of a new outreach program to support networking, educational activities, analytical training, or related activities in low and lower-middle-income economy countries.  Capacity-building grants of up to $2,500 are available for geochemistry programs in these countries. The application deadline for the first round of grants is September 30, 2019. Learn more

GS Strategic Planning Process

May 29, 2019

In 2018, the GS board identified a need for the society to examine its activities and how well they are serving the international geochemistry community. The organization has a broad mission statement: The Geochemical Society is a nonprofit scientific society founded to encourage the application of geochemistry to improving our understanding of the Earth and solar system. How effective is the society at achieving this mission? To answer that question, the board decided to undertake a strategic planning process this year.

Marc Norman to Receive GS Distinguished Service Award

May 28, 2019

Dr. Marc Norman, an Emeritus Fellow in the Research School of Earth Sciences of the Australian National University, will receive the 2019 Geochemical Society Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Norman is recognized for his service to the scientific community as the executive editor of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta from 2012-2018. GCA is the journal of the GS and the Meteoritical Society. During his tenure, the journal continued to grow in size and stature, achieving an impact factor of 4.690 in 2017 and a 5-year impact factor of 5.052.

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